Our vineyard covers 15 hectares in the village of Jongieux with a small part in neighbouring Lucey. One third lies on slopes which cannot be mechanised, with a south-west exposure.

Our vines are on average 55 years old. We have 5 hectares of Altesse, 2 ha of which are in cru Marestel, 1.5 ha of Chardonnay, 2.5 ha of Jacquère, 2 ha of Gamay, 2 ha of Pinot Noir, 2 ha of Mondeuse and 0.5 ha of Mondeuse Blanche.

Our role is to ensure that the work we do is as timely and as natural as possible. Most of the work is done by hand (pruning, training, de-budding, tying-up and harvesting). Each plot is worked on according to the grape variety, the age of the vines and our experience of its susceptibility to disease.

The long-term sustainability and future of our estate depends on respect for our environment, respect for the people who work on the farm, and achieving a fair selling price for our wines to enable us to make a living from our work and to invest in the future.

Our estate has held the HVE (High Environmental Value) certification since 2018. HVE emerged from the 2007 Grenelle Environment Forum and promotes an agro-ecological approach. It is an assessment tool for reducing inputs, protecting the ecosystems on the farm and for improving our working practices.

The flora and fauna in and around our vineyards form an ecosystem that is vital to the long-term survival of our work and heritage.

Our mountain climate, with its cool nights, hot summers and rainstorms provides good balance in our wines, ensuring that they mature well and retain their freshness.

Our 15-hectare estate includes 13 ha categorised as Appellation d’Origine Protégée (AOP or AOC) and 2 ha of Indication Géographique Protégée (IGP) Vin des Allobroges: we work them with equal care in the vineyard and in the cellar.


raisins jongieu


The most widely planted grape variety in Savoie, it produces fresh, easy-drinnking, floral wines.

raisin vin rouge


This emblematic local red grape variety produces wines with a scent of violets, red berries and black pepper, with a slight tannic edge to the palate.

raisins savoie


This is probably the noblest of our grape varieties, and has its own appellation, Roussette de Savoie. Challenging at every stage in the vineyard, Roussette is a fine, aromatic wine with delicate notes of woodland flowers, honey or quince, and gives great ageing potential.

vigneron independant savoie

Vignerons Indépendants : Independent Winegrowers

In the spirit of independent winegrowers, the siblings work to achieve the best expression of our terroirs and grape varieties. We take particular care with the vines, convinced that only pristine grapes can produce a great wine.

charte vigneron savoie

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